Maybe people would be surprised if they hear that there are people who hospitalization at the hospital once every year. But that happened to me. At least six years in Yogyakarta, I was hospitalized five times.

The end of last month, I woke before sunrise, and in the morning (either due to allergies or not) I was bleeding quite a lot of blood spilled. It was at that time I thought not a good sign, I immediately lay down on the bed.

About nine o’clock in the morning, I woke up with chills all over my body, my head feels sore and heavy, and all the joints begin to ache. My body feels a little fever, and immediately I could tell that my condition will not improve on it.

Immediately call a doctor who is also my neighbor (he happens to be out), I reserve sistenol (paracetamol with N-acetyl cysteine). I drink lots of water and covered myself with a thick blanket. What the hell, I feel a disaster is not inevitable.

He came a long time, and my body did not stop shivering. I sent a message to my mother, so she would not surprised when later received a call from the hospital, hi hi, usually every year is always so.

After two tablets in a row sistenol situation did not improve. At last night I was taken to a private hospital in Yogyakarta. I asked for observation and hospitalization in hospital. Sure enough, after only a few hours since the beginning of hospitalization, the fever went higher, up to 40 degrees Celsius (at least two years ago reached 42 degrees on the first day).

I was hospitalized for seven days, and always at the beginning of the examination found no signs of infection specific. All the signs and symptoms of too confused together. Further examination using any technique specific antigen does not seem to confirm allegations toward specific causes. Although as a patient I can guess which way the disease is moving, but I prefer to rest my mind during illness.

Well, I think I should prepare (at least give a precaution), next year would be a strike in the middle of year (just like now), while they used to stroke in the end of a year (usually on December). What a life…