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Secret Operation–Code: Moonhunt

Its a little bit a while since I signed my last secret operation last year – The Moonarch! So, here me again, assigned to a new secret operation, which mean I’ve to leave Bhyllabus for the time being. I do not sure how long this operation would take me away from the cyber world, perhaps for a couple of months or more.

I can’t do blog-walking, neither writing here for next couple months. Well, I am neither sure I would able returning here. If you find this site inaccessible in near future, it means I forgot to pay the bill for this domain, ups…, well, lets not worry about that (I won’t stop you to pay it for me if you mind it).

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Perdete Despues

There is a nice song written by a fifteen years old kid, a very nice song indeed. Inspired by Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor piano pieces by 1911, and latter was performed within Aria of Nightingale in 1916. Her name was Consuelo Velázquez, who wrote Bésame mucho, a romantic ballad which capture my heart which simple and honest words.

Perdete despues literally means “to lose you in future”. Every single heart who begin to feel security within a relationship shall shaken with uncertain path of change, this uncertainty emerges as fear, a simple fear to lose someone you dear most in the next path we call future – the uncertain path.

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Hugging You

How should I put every single of my careless act into some snowy poetry, or the spring would surely ended those masks this year. I haven’t met my expectation much this weeks, and I think again I have put so much pressure upon my own self already. What a wasted sigh.

Recently, mirroring my own time at the dusk, I saw some peculiar moment with interesting rhythm which I can not say why or how they seemingly bound to my very fate.

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Tarakihi –The Passionate Chant

When first time I heard it from inside my “Silk Road” audio album by Vienna Boy’s Choir, I didn’t really get the meaning. But instead, the melody was so passionate. Tarakihi means a locust or a cicadas, so it may be said as the Locust Chant. As, Johannes C. Anderson wrote:

The cicada’s song was liked by the Maori above all others; indeed, he called the cicada "the bird of Rehua." Rehua was the lord of kindness, and the reason the Maori held the insect in such estimation was that its cheerful song sounded in the summer when the days were warm and long and food was plentiful. Then the Maori, happy himself, enjoyed the shrill song of the merry cicada.

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Love at First Sight

It has to be an everlasting question to any soul that filled with curiosity about the “thing” we call love. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – If I was offered with that kind of question, I would humbly replied, “Do you?” Put it in simple deductions, if you ever felt it, it might be true – if you never had it, it doesn’t mean never exist at all; as so the opposite, if you ever felt it, be ware, it might not the love you really tough of.

For me, to put it simple, it would be a “No”, I don’t put believe in such a thing.

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See You Next Year

Well, we are already arriving at the end of 2010, aren’t we? So what’s next? Still – I’ve no plan, like a free pirate – perhaps, sailing freely on seven oceans. Hmm…, a little bit hyperbolic tough. But why not, visiting Norway would be good – except for heavy snowing that doesn’t suite a tropical creature like me. A nice castle, hot coffee, and perhaps a dragon, ha ha…, hell no! So forget about Norway, I’ve no budget at all. Beside I prefer to visit Europe when its spring or summer (but not when heat weave streaks over the continent).

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