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Reason Makes You Lost The Essential

When my friend – the Tobytall – shares about “No Reason, I Love You”. I found something much deeper than just those words…, yes the words is important but not the essential element if you may say so.

People feel in love, I do feel love. I never thinking yet why for I fell love. Since whenever I try to find a reason or two for it, I can’t find it anywhere. Yet, we can create a reason why we feel love – just as my friend said – much… much… reasons maybe more. We can write down a poem or two maybe hundreds why we felt the love. But when we grasp the idea of “why”, we stick somehow with it (or more of it).

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My Fading Memories

I was listening my music collection from my old notebook. There is one song – instrumental by Richard Clyderman precisely – which remembering me something of my own self.  Yes, there is something – not a very common thing which I assume as a broken long term memory’s chains. Here is the simple way to explain it, if I met you – then we have a chat for couple hours or more – and we haven’t met or haven’t in any contact for couple months or more, there is a great chance that I can’t remember anything about you.

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