Love at First Sight

It has to be an everlasting question to any soul that filled with curiosity about the “thing” we call love. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – If I was offered with that kind of question, I would humbly replied, “Do you?” Put it in simple deductions, if you ever felt it, it might be true – if you never had it, it doesn’t mean never exist at all; as so the opposite, if you ever felt it, be ware, it might not the love you really tough of.

For me, to put it simple, it would be a “No”, I don’t put believe in such a thing.

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I Just Don’t Care That Much

When I visited Bali (as a fake tourist), I got called from my old friend (but old nemesis too), she asked me to come by since I emailed her that I will be in Bali before. Ha ha…, I thought and still think it was funny I’ve visiting her house, meeting her parents and families. We are – say if I ever has a single nemesis in seven worlds, it would be her – as Indonesia people would called “musuh bebuyutan”, even tough I can’t denying years before that tragedy, she was the single guardian of my heart, my best friend, my dearest & trusted one. And she was the only candidate who capable of ruining my lovely life as single happy gentlemen :p

Well, this time I shall not talk about this model & idol, but a line of our conversation…

She looked in to my eyes and asked, “I heard you never going to temple and praying every holiday? You should go to temple every time you have a chance. You can’t be like this, you know.”

I just smiled and nodded smoothly and slowly, just resembling myself to the Penguins of Madagascar on the last scene of Madagascar’s first movie – “just wave and smile boy…, just wave and smile…”

She must be heard some gossip about my slackness for a faith, ha ha, especially when someone read this article in Bahasa, the gossip shall spread very fast :D

Everybody who knew me for sometimes would be know that I have no special care for such things so called God or Religion. That is why some pals would called me as an atheist – a joke that I’m happily would joke them back – well, I just don’t care that much.

Most people afraid if they don’t pray good enough according they belief or their faith. They afraid if they don’t call the God’s name, they afraid if God left them behind, or they make God disappointed. So they who surprised by my answer I just don’t care that much, would asking back much, much questions or they would keep silently.

Why would I? Will God mad at me if I don’t give a care enough? Then God nothing better than my beloved mom, who never mad when I had a flaw in care of her.

Or should I pray to God to ask for something? Well, let me see, hmm…, I really don’t have anything to ask for seriously. Food, there is two apples for breakfast, tahu, tempe and spinach for lunch, and I rarely got a supper, well I still can find some eegs. And the same goes for clothes and shelters. So what should I ask for more, even I have more than I need to live.

And others would told me to pray that I thanks for all that, because believe it, God provides it for humans. Ah…, well, I just don’t care that much. If there is something I would do for thanking are, stop polluting my beloved planet, care for garbage, help promote green world, promoting family planning – otherwise human race will start starving soon because our own greed for resources.

I am I wrong if I say people are funny when they pray that God can provide “a bit more”, and keep the stockpile intact, while they didn’t stop to corrupt the earth?

I am I wrong if I say people are funny when they pray that God can keep their life a life of good, harmony, and a peaceful life, while tomorrow they yelled full of hatred to others, deceiving their closest one to get some more pennies? Or punch people who opposed their faith in the of God just as free as God just has give them right to did it for the right thing?

One the time comes, and I am going to be needed, if God really does exist, God oneself shall call me, well, I think I have no reason to refuse, since that kind of my characters. If that happens, its mean my time already over, well…, every living things shall meet the same. There is nothing to worry about, just wave and smile boyjust wave and smile.

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Hari Istimewa

Setiap orang mungkin memiliki hari istimewa dalam hidupnya, atau momen-momen yang dianggap cukup berarti untuk dikenang. Tentu kita tidak menghitung hari kelahiran, kecuali Anda dapat mengenang hari di mana Anda terlahir di dunia ini.

Hari ini adalah hari istimewa bagi saya, jadi hari ini saya tidak akan berada di blogsphere. Tapi tulisan ini sudah saya persiapkan jauh hari sebelumnya, jadi akan tetap hadir di sini dengan otomatis tanpa perlu kehadiran saya. Sebenarnya malah saya tidak ingin mengunjungi dunia maya untuk hari ini.

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Letting Go of Thoughts

Since these days always rainy in my little town, maybe my mind gets dazzling easily. Rain makes me feel softer and slower than I used to be. Be it is I love being able just hearing the sound of celestial tears drop around me.

Then, I found a nice poem by T. Merton saying,

The mind remains undetermined in the great Void.
Here the highest knowledge is unbounded.
That which gives things their thusness cannot be delimited by things.
So when we speak of ‘limits’, we remain confined to limited things.
The limit of the unlimited is called ‘fullness.’
The limitlessness of the limited is called ‘emptiness.’
Tao is the source of both.
But it is itself neither fullness nor emptiness.

Yes, I think I need to pull myself together again.

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