Merry Christmas 2010

Last year, there was someone special who shared a Christmas moment with me. We have so much dreams – our dreams I would say for that very blissful moment. I think, if there is something called as happiness – it has to be that very moment we spend together. Then I found time created different […]

The Beauty Within

The outer side maybe reveal something that draws one’s interest. But a beauty within surely would attract every single awareness around. Something we just wanna hold those kind of miracles source, and never let it goes. But there is a moment where one just can’t hold neither grasp a moment for what would be believe […]

Un Vague Souhait

Je suis et puis disparaissent Je suis tombé et ensuite allé Je cherche et trouve qu’il a perdu Ma volonté nie d’augmenter Mon âme piégés sous ma conscience Mon esprit s’est brisé sous un ciel de beauté

A Year Memoir – Sound of Ancient Tradition

Back then since I was still a crying baby who can do nothing but cries – though no much different today – I grew up in a small village, my granny house on a developing traditional village which now has turned into modern life. We lived as much as traditional people in Bali. If you […]

My Birthday Gift

23th December 2009 – I’m now 25 years old, instead something yet to be achieve – I would be ashamed there are still much things need to be perfected. If this feeling of being nothing worthless enough to be exist the vast of milky way – thought much people ever felt the same – I […]